Appearance Request Form

If you would like to request our Star Wars costumers to make an appearance at an event, please submit a request using the form below. Since we do not charge for our appearances, we ask that a donation is made to one of our favorite charities in our name. Donations are not required, but can motivate more members to come out to your event. If you decide to donate, please let us know. We also understand that many of the organizations we work with are charities and as such are already donating.

Our favorite charities:

Make-A-Wish Foundation
American Cancer Society
American Red Cross

We have costumers all throughout Minnesota, but most of our costumers are in the Twin Cities metro area. Because we are a volunteer group, we cannot guarantee staffing an event (especially if we have multiple events in one day), but we will do our best to staff every event we accept.

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