About Us

We are a group of Star Wars fans who have come together to create a club that focuses on our common love of the Star Wars universe. Our members are from all over the state of Minnesota, but our core membership is located in the Twin Cities where most of our events are held. Our main activities include costuming, a gaming group, a book club, an art and illustration club, a collector’s club, movie viewings, and general social activities. We meet monthly at various locations across the Twin Cities metro area. We also occasionally band together for charity work.

The Minnesota Force is proud to be the Twin Cities Minnesota Chapter of Fan Force, an unofficial fan organization that has groups all over the United States and in many other countries around the world. Fan Force is hosted by TheForce.net.

Since many of our members are also active Star Wars costumers, we have a close relationship with the Rebel Legion, 501st Legion, Mandolorian Mercs, Droid Builders, and The Jedi Assembly. Many of our events are done as joint efforts between the clubs.

We are an unofficial fan group that is organized and run locally. We are not affiliated with Lucas Film Limited in any way.

The Minnesota Force co-leaders are Phil Glover and Kris Heding.

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