Twin Cities Pride Parade

Costumers: Kayla Beckemeyer, Coley Lind, Kris Heding, Kat Zabronsky, Nick Hickman, Madeline Anderson, Jordan West, Paul Haga, Amanda Fineran, Eve Zabronsky, Shtey Short, Kate Daiker, Lindsey Rae, Eric Hanson, Ron Larson, and Anita Larson. Photo Credit: Amore Fotography and Events

On June 24, 2018, members of the Minnesota Force, 501st Legion, and Rebel Legion marched as part of the Geek Partnership Society float in the Twin Cities Pride Parade. We had an absolute blast!

The highlight was seeing two of our members get engaged! Congrats to Madeline and Jordan! May the Force be with you!

Costumers: Kayla Beckemeyer, Kate Daiker, Coley Lind, Amanda Fineran, Madeline Anderson, Jordan West, Lindsey Rae, Kris Heding, Nick Hickman, and Eric Hanson.
Madeline and Jordan’s proposal! Photo Credit: Amore Fotography and Events.